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Park House School is a centre of excellence for Computer Science and is an advisory school for developing self-efficacy in girls for Computing.  Recently, Park House School has advised the Royal Society on gender in Computing as part of the 'After the Reboot' report.  The school also features in the BBC Panorama 'Can a robot do my job' documentary demonstrating the school's innovative use of technology and excellent contextual Computing provision.

The TeachComputing Hub at Park House School, part of the National Centre for Computing Education provides continuing professional development (CPD) to upskill and extend teachers of Computing in primary and secondary schools.  This CPD comes with bursaries through funding from the Department for Education.

The hub is committed to supporting schools across the region not only with outstanding CPD but also with a wealth of additional support and services.

The National Centre for Computing Education is a consortium of the British Computing Society, STEM Learning and Raspberry Pi.

Girls In computing

Park House School is an advisory school for developing self-efficacy of girls in Computing.  The school has advised organisations such as the Royal Society, National and European Universities, Compuitng At School, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and the BBC.

The school has excellent links with a range of organisations to provide unique experiences for students including Google, Microsoft, IBM, Sky and TeenTech.


Park House school provides a wide range of opportunities for students to explore Computing beyond the curriculum through competitions such as TeenTech Awards, TeenTech City, Bloodhound, Faraday, Ada Lovelace and National Cyber Competitions.

Supporting the Community

Park House School provides a digital ambassador programme where students work with local primary schools to support the delivery of their Computing curriculum.

The TeachComputing hub provides Computing training and resources for primary schools in West Berkshire which promote active and creative approaches whilst ensuring social distances.  The hub have produced resources around Computing & Dance as well as Computing & Mini-Drills.

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