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CAS Community Meetings

in the Central South

Regional CAS Community meetings provide teachers with spaces to share best practice, make local connections and share opportunities for young people.

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Magpie Education

Magpie Education Jan 11th Primary & Secondary audience

Barefoot MK Prog

Barefoot Programming Workshop Feb 4th Primary audience

Slough GCSE Masterclass

GCSE Masterclass - Sorting and search algorithms Feb 5th Secondary audience

Girls in Computing - The Bigger Picture

Girls in Computing Feb 10th Secondary audience

Girls in Computing - Increasing Uptake and Engagement

Girls in Computing - engagement Feb 10th Secondary audience

Barefoot CT Didcot

Barefoot Computational Thinking Workshop Feb 10th Primary audience

Podcasting Workshop

Podcasting Workshop Feb 26th Primary audience

Coding Rooms

Coding Rooms - Collaborative coding with Python Mar 16th Secondary audience

Ofsted Framework

Deep Dives in Computing Mar 17th Secondary audience

Barefoot Programming Workshop

Barefoot Programming Workshop Mar 23rd Primary audience

EarSketch CAS - Ringwood

EarSketch - making beats with Python Mar 24th Secondary audience

Become a community leader?

Have you thought about becoming a CAS Community Leader to promote computing and support local primary and/or secondary teachers?

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Image by Boxed Water Is Better

Active  bodies, active minds

View a range of videos from Computing At School used to promote computational thinking through football, gardening, music and much more.