We offer a range of face-to-face and remote primary courses for teachers. These include courses for the whole school and for individual computing lead teachers.



We provide the opportunities for schools and other institutions to host primary CPD. 

Bursaries are available up to £1170 for full school training (up to 20 teachers) and up to £220 for individual teachers.

These bursaries can be claimed each academic year.

Each school represented at our TeachComputing CPD receives a bursary of £185 for day courses with no fee. 

These bursaries are not available to independent schools.

See our full list of upcoming remote and face to face primary courses here.

For a full range of CPD and bursary options see our primary guide.



coding Summer School


Children can develop STEM skills, keep fit and love nature with our micro:bit, remotely delivered summer school!

The hub provides remote summer schools

for Year 5 and 6 primary children.


Each child will receive a micro:bit programmable device in the post and will have access to a week of programming experiences to Code In, Keep Fit & Love Nature.


Barefoot is here to help you to deliver the computing curriculum brilliantly with free face-to-face workshops, helpful online guides and engaging lessons. 


Boost your subject knowledge and confidence with a free face-to-face CPD workshop to introduce computational thinking and get you started. Mastered the basics? Book a teacher-led programming workshop with a Barefoot Ambassador.


Computing Twilight CPD


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