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Training | CPD (remote & face-to-face | day & twilight)

The hub is providing a range of secondary Computing CPD for non-specialist and specialist teachers which are free to attend and come with generous bursaries up to £1800 per teacher.  Please see a list of courses currently available and select the links on the right to find out more and make a booking:

How the bursaries work:

  • £220 bursary for each day course attended (remote or face-to-face).  This does not include twilight courses

  • The £220 bursary can be obtained a maximum four times (attending four day coureses) up to £880

  • An additional bursary of £920 is provided for each teacher compting the Computer Science Accelerator Programme (attend at least one CPD session, complete one online course and complete a multiple-choice assessment.

  • Total bursary per teacher £1800

View and book available Secondary Computing CPD here


View available Secondary Computing CPD here

Specialist CPD (remote | day & twilight)


We provide additional specialist CPD for teachers looking to extend this Computing pedagogy and knowledge with our range of KS3, KS4 and KS5 remote courses.

To explore these courses visit the Park House CPD Network here

GCSE & A Level Computer Science TeachMeets (remote)


We run two-monthly TeachMeets for A Level and Computing.  These provide opportunities for teachers to share best practice and leave with a whole range of resources to contextualise Computer Science.  Topics include assessment, pedagogy, unique resources and building networks.

To explore these courses visit the Park House CPD Network here

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